How long do you have to report a car accident to your insurance?

Every situation is different. If you wait so long that it is impossible for them to inspect the damage themselves, it may very likely be too late. YOu have a responsibility to protect your property so that the insurance company can analyze it.

Anyone with the liquidity to self-insure themselves would not hesitate to buy car insurance. The risk of having to payout a huge sum to compensate someone you injured is huge compared to the trivial cost of sharing that risk amongst all customers of an insurance company.

My dad puts two and two together and realizes that this is a robbery!

The criminals stop at a large white van and begin throwing all the items into the back.

Just then the security guards arrive and pull out the man from the van and call the cops.

It turns out the pair was stealing to finance their heroin addiction.

No injury and no property damage when a car flips over and is totaled? I am not much for impossible hypotheticals. In that car accident, someone is injured. Forget it.

The car landed on someone’s property. Either the government’s a businesses or a person’s and likely something got damaged when the car went off the road. A guardrail. Bushes. Something.

The police will be called and a ticket will likely be given to the driver.

They will use substandard parts every time. Insist on an actual dealership for the brand of vehicle you have… or Porsche. (I’ll explain Porsche later

Toyota said the truck was totaled with less than 100 miles on it.
CA law said at the time that the vehicle had to be totaled or repaired to the satisfaction of the owner.
Since the DUI driver’s insurance dug their heels in and would not total it out, buying my brother a new truck, he had it hauled (on a flatbed) to Porsche and explained the situation. Then he said: “Laser align it.”
The Porsche dealer laughed and said OK.

That was the straightest and quietest Toyota 4WD pickup ever… It was put to within blueprint tolerances and any damaged part was replaced with factory OEM parts.